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If you are a winelover, you need to download VinoApp. Our 10 sommeliers based in Buenos Aires are classifying argentine wine like never before!

You can search by price, value, zone, main aromas, acidity, level of fruit, aging months… Endless filters to find your favorite label.

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Have any "vino" in your phone!

Malbec, Cabernet, blends, Torrontes... if it is Argentine, we have it. Check wines from a restaurant menu, compare wines, pairings, prices and Sommelier ratings. Becoming a rater? You can do that too!

  • Free!
  • Simple and quick submission.
  • Argentinean Sommelier's ratings.
  • Rating guarantee (within 45 days).
  • Winery dashboard.

Hey Wineries!

“My wine in this app? Why?”

This is the first app exclusively thought for Argentine wine. Consumers are asking for your labels all over the world and we want them to find your wines.


From classic ones, to small production wines. Cheap, expensive, premium... if it is Argentine, it's onboard!


70% of North Americans say they consult product reviews or consumer ratings before making a purchase.


One-point bump in ratings equates to up to 7% increase in price.

How do we rate

How do we rate?


How our Professional Sommeliers evaluate:

  • Correct serving temperature.
  • Given in Flights per Varietal, Appellation or Region.
  • Group review by multiple sommeliers allows for discussion.

Blind tasting of a group of wines. Once the tasting has been done, we uncovered labels to share thoughts about the aim of the wine (variety, price, style). Then, we complete the rating and classification.


  • 95-100 Wow! Technically Superior and/or Special!
  • 90-94 Awesome! Superior Character and/or Unique.
  • 85-89 Quality Wine! Could improve with age.
  • 80-84 Good Wine. May be even better paired.
  • 70-79 Average. To each his own.


Wine lovers are important, too.

Sometimes you drink this awesome wine based on a wine critic's review, but for you it is a "meh."


Apart from the 100 points scale review from our Sommeliers, wines will have a 5-stars scale review from winelovers.

  • Mother-in-law present: ready.
  • And this comes from Messi's land?
  • Good wine. It gives what it promises.
  • Shut up and take my money.
  • Hey Pope Francis... U have to try this!


Wines are rated and information is uploaded to our database for review.

How does it work?

3 Simple Steps

1 Submit your
winery and wines

Super Quick Upload Form

2 Ship samples to
Buenos Aires

Shipping wines in-country to Buenos Aires makes it easier than ever to have your wines rated.

3 Check reviews
and performance

Vineyards and Wineries can log into to verify the accuracy of data and wine rating.

What the Winemakers say

"There is a huge opportunity for small wineries nowadays in the US, because they are looking for limited wines, terroir expressions, and there is where Passionate Wines finds a path. But we need tools to be there, even when we are here."

Matías Michelini


Passionate Wines

"Argentine wines drive excellent quality at good prices, especially what goes to the US. The Challenge is to show yourself over promoted wines because the consumer sometimes just do not know your label."

Guillermo Barbier


Viña 1924

"When Americans were looking for New World wines of great quality, Argentina was about to stand up in front of the world in terms of winemaking. I believe that there is something like a courtship between both, and naturally it deserves an app to show everything to the consumers."

Roberto Cipresso



"US for us is one of the most important markets, so we are working with physical presence, lot of uncorking and tasting to make winelovers know our wines. So far it seems the only and most effective way... so we are looking forward to VinoApp, to make them have a full experience with no presence of us needed."

Leo Biondolillo


Bodega Tempus Alba

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